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About us:

SOS Velsen, Foundation for Development Co-operation Velsen, has been erected in June 1985,
as a co-operation connection of people with different
spiritual backgrounds and with an active interest for development co-operation





The twinning with Galle, Sri Lanka, has been erected in September 1976 and was maintained by a few civil servants.
In 1985, the then Mayor of Velsen, had the view that this twinning has to be supported more broader, by means of a foundation,
which boardmembers had to come from different areas, like education, culture, religion, banking, health care, etc.
In June 1985 the foundation SOS Velsen had been erected.

Introduction of ourselves

1. Supply insight in global problems and international co-operation by means of information and forming activities, both on economical as cultural area, as well as in the field of Third World problematic and the coherence between this problematic and the own community and
life situations

2.  Stimulating activities, particularly in behalf of the inhabitants of Galle (Sri Lanka), which can shape the feelings of solidarity with the Third World, which has arisen as result from what is meantioned under 1.

3.  Promoting and/of guiding initiatives and activities from the people of Velsen, who are related with this problematic, as well as the support and/or guiding of groups in Velsen, who are active in this field.

4.  In practice SOS Velsen is engaged in particularly with maintaining and consolidating the twinning with Galle, Sri de praktijk houdt de stichting zich vooral bezig met het onderhouden en verstevigen van de stedenband met Galle, Sri Lanka