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                                                 Running projects                                

Revised as per 27-6-2017

For your information: the projects have a 6 figured number: the year, last two figures the projectnumber in that year.

Remark: after the Running projects you will find the Completed projects.


2015-02 - Rebuilding Sewing School at Magalle
The sewing school was totally destroyed on 26th December 2004 by the tsunami.
So, the rebuilding is a tsunami related project.
During a working visit the then acting Mayor indicated that Galle itself would rebuilt this sewing school and SOS Velsen could supply the apparatus and furniture.
Despite several requests for information, no reactions from Galle Municipal Council. Last year, 2014, the rehabilitated Mayor Mr. Methsiri de Silva returned to his seat.
Beginning 2015: revised building drawings and estimates, and in April 2015 agreement by NAAL.
Estimates April 2015: LKR 4,0174,847 for the rebuilding, 5.000 euro for equipment and furniture, plus a fee for the NAAL.
The sewing school will be rebuilt at the same place, plus a storey. The sewing school will be seated at the 1st storey.
July 2016: Approval by the 'Planning Committee' of Galle Municipal Council for 2 storeys
Nov. 2016: SOS Velsen the money available for a second storey.
Feb. 2017: 14.567,- euros remitted for the 2nd storey. The balance of foundation 'Velsen helps Galle' has been used totally now. The shortage has been filled up
by SOS Velsen.
End April 2017: 'Laying foundation stones' have been put. May 2017: pictures of concrete works received.
End of July 2017: finishing of the work expected.

2016-01 - Grammar school Felisenum at Velsen-South: Scholarship for a talented student available
Felisenum has arranged twice a swimming relay race and put available 2.500,- euros for a project on Sri Lanka.
NAAL proposed to grant a scholarship to a gifted student. Outcome, a very young boy from a poor family, living in Galle, the twinning city of Velsen: Viyat Nimsara Nilaweera.
The scholarship mainly for boarding-school costs (will last about 6 years).
Feb. 2016: Received pictures and report figures: looking very well.

                           Afgeronde projecten         



                           Completed projects             


•August: Library Velsen: A collection and selling books and posters, plus a contribution of  Samvro (Women NGO):
1500 guilders for the Public Library in Galle, in order to purchase books.
•September: Ambulance for the Municipal Hospital in Galle.
  16.000 Dutch guilders by means of a collection, organizing a "Sri Lanka week" in Velsen and a supplementary contribution of 
  3975 guilders from the  Municipal Council of Velsen. Ambulance purchased in Japan - delivered in January 1979. 

September 3rd 1983: Opening Sewing Centre Dadalla by Drs. Evert Jongens (Nuffic). Used amount unknown.

•Magalle,sewing-centre. Costs? No further particulars known.
•End November: for the
College Vidyaloka Vidyalaya: a lathe, welding-equipment and typewriters for trainingprogrammes for schoolleavers.

Dadalla, sewing-centre: Rs. 56.350/- (about 7.000 guilders) for erection and furnishing.

•January: Velsenpura (before called Galwallawatta): Rs. 185.000 (18.500 guilders) for a drainage system, taps and           
•January: Bonavista Home for elders (BVHE): 
1) 800 guilders for bedfurniture. 2) Waterpump: stolen. New pump: Rs. 6050/- (600 guilders).
•January: sewing-schools at Dadalla and Magalle: Rs. 56.350/- for both schools.
•August: Velsenpura: Rs. 98.000/- for second block of toilets.
•August: Bonavista Home for Elders: Rs. 35.000/- for toilets in the women section.
•September: Velsenpura: Rs. 433.000/- for covering the sewerage system.

•March: Community Centre Velsenpura:  Rs. 300.000/-. (Foundation-stone laid by Mr. Evert Jongens).
  (Community Centre "De Dwarsligger" in IJmuiden (Municipality of Velsen), donated 1.000 guilders and a privat person 
  (Mr. Alozerij) 500 guilders.
•March: Music instruments for the schoolband of the Malharus Sulhiya Central College (Muslim school) (6.000 guilders).
•April: Dadalla, sewing-school: Rs. 115.000/-.
•June: Public Library: Rs. 10.000/- for Sinhala books.
•June: Public Library: Rs. 24.000/- for necessary repairs of the building.
•June: Sewing-centre Dadalla: profit of 90 guilders for the sale of sold pillow-cases in The Netherlands.
•June: YWCA-building (Young Women Christian Association): Rs. 100.000/- for repairs.
•November: Bona Vista Home for Elders (BVHE): Rs. 35.000/- for the lay-out of the entrance road and toiletbuilding for men.            

•February: Siyambalagahawatta: official opening of the community centre by former Mayor of Velsen, Mr. P.J. Molendijk.
June: Newspaper IJmuider Courant: gifts with respect to the opening of their new office: 1.095 Dutch guilders destinated for
  bookcases and books for the Public Library Galle.
•Other donations in 1988:
-Dutch Reformed Church at Santpoort (Municipality of Velsen): 260 guilders for funiture for community centre in Galle.
   -Newspaper 'Haarlems Dagblad': 150 guilders for Yasodara orphanage.
   -Samvro Women Association: 1.000 guilders for materials and the setting up of an export channel for productes of the
     sewing school.

   -Painter J. Pιcasse: proceeds of selling paintings: 1.200 guilders destinated for vocational instruction in Sri Lanka.
•Other supports by SOS Velsen:
   -Velsenpura: 8.155,71 for toilets; next to it: clearing of an old well, tiles over sewerage and electricity mains. Total Rs. 445.868/-.
   -Dutch Reformed Church in the Fort: new gate - 610,86 gld (Rs. 9.100/-)..
   -Public Library, Galle: donation for books - 670,38 gld.
   -Library, Fort: repair of the roof - 1.666,74 gld.
   -Siyambalagahawatta, Community Centre: furniture - 2.325,81 gld.
   -YWCA: repair roof - 1.504,08 gld. (first installment).
   -Bona Vista Home: dining room women quarters (open air lounge) and garden chairs: 3.185,73 gld. (Rs. 47.094/-).
    Further: Renovation dining hall male section, easy chairs female section and tv set male section.
    The Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) provided -after mediation by SOS-Velsen- a better watersupply. Too, the SLPA provided a
    design for vegetable gardens.
   -Velsenpura: repair of a well, sewerage system and electricity: 3.238.25 gld.

•Buona Vista Home for Elders: 
1. Dining-hall male section: 1. Rs. 47,251.60; 2. Toilets and shower for females and males: Rs. 77,190;
  3. Rs. 20.000/- for medicines, donated by Foundation "Velsen voor de Derde Wereld" (Velsen for the Third World).
•Y.W.C.A. building: Rs. 6,244.85 for repair roof.
Velsenpura: Community Centre Rs. 300.000/- (16.000 Dutch guilders).
Public Library Galle: a yearly donation (height amount ?).
Mahamodarawatta: 8 houses, 21.450,-- Dutch guilders and 1.600 Dutch guilders for the furnishing (totally Rs. 463,010.11)

No data available.

Velsenpura: 11.895,33 Dutch guilders for community centre (Rs. 280,874.91).
Sanghamitta College: donation for recreation-ground of 743,-- Dutch guilders from the Vellesan College in IJmuiden (Mun. of Velsen).
Magalle, sewing-school: 6 sewing machines (Rs. 8,000/- each: 450,00 Dutch guilders); 20 scissors (Rs. 100/- each). 
  Totally about 2.800,-- Dutch guilders.
Public Library Galle: donation of English books by de Public Library IJmuiden (Mun. of Velsen)(873,30 Dutch guilders).
Mahamodarawatta: 8 houses (20.321,83 Dutch guilders); renovation of 40 houses (20.013,07 Dutch guilders).

Mahamodarawatta: replacement of 40 cadjan houses: building of 40 houses for fishermen (Rs. 1,680,000/-).
Sambodhi Home (kind of family replacing house for mentally handicapted persons): donation from the 'Boerlage Home' of 
  Rs. 2.884,50 Dutch guilders for the occasion of the opening of the Boerlage Home.
Bona Vista Home for Elders: via SOS-Velsen: contribution of Rs. 30,787/- from Foundation 'Velsen voor de Derde Wereld (Velsen
  for the Third World) for the purchase of a refrigerator, fans, lamps (bulbs) and a bed; next to it: 2.400,00 Dutch guilders for food.
Fort Galle: repairs of the sewerage and drainage system from the Dutch Period (VOC time - East Indian Company). 
  Total costs: nearly 100.000 Dutch guilders).
  The repairs are necessary regarding stagnant water by sand- and coral piling ups: breeding-place for mosquitos with the danger of
  malaria and dengue. 1st and 2nd instalment: 12.751,97 Dutch guilders. Subsidy of the Dutch Foreign Ministry: 49.000 Dutch guilders.

February: Maritime Museum, Fort: model of a Dutch ship from the 17th century (Staten-Yaught), 4000 Dutch guilders (in 1993), 
  made by Mr. G. Jansen, a citizen of Velsen, and donated by the Community of Velsen, Kennemerland Groep Fishing Company, 
  Rabo Bank IJmuiden and Wijsmuller Shipping Trade, all at IJmuiden (Municipality of Velsen).
•Public Library Galle: 4000 Dutch guilders.
•Buona Vista Home for Elders: via SOS-Velsen: contribution of 2.400 Dutch guilders for food by the Foundation 'Velsen voor de
  Derde Wereld' (Velsen for the Third World).
•Fort Galle: sewerage and draining system from VOC time (East Indian Company - Dutch Periode)(see also 1992): instalment 
  of 9.407,07 Dutch guilders for the progress of the repairs.

•February 19th: handing over of the shipsmodel (Staten Yaught) from the 17th century, 3.515,43 Dutch guilders, to the Maritime 
  Museum Galle. Made by a citizen from IJmuiden (Mun. of Velsen), Mr. G. Jansen. Donations from the inhabitants of Velsen,
  Kennemerland Group Fishing Company, Rabo Bank IJmuiden and Wijsmuller Shipping Trade, all from IJmuiden.
•Buona Vista Home for Elders: via SOS-Velsen: contribution of 2.400 Dutch guilders for food by Foundation 'Velsen voor de
  Derde Wereld (Velsen for the Third World).
•Fort Galle: repairs of the sewerage and drainage system (from VOC time - Dutch Periode - see also 1992): 
  instalment of 22.021,94 Dutch guilders for the progress of the repairs.
•Public Library Galle: 735,04 Dutch guilders.

•April: Buona Vista Home for Elders: personal gift of 500 Dutch guilders of one of the boardmembers of SOS-Velsen in order to 
  arrange now and then little trips for the inmates of the Home. This as memory of his deceased mother.
•Science in service training programme in Galle District: compensation of the costs of one seminar for 40 participants.
•Fort Galle:
   1.Restoration of the unique
sewerage and drainage system (VOC time - East Indian Company).
Dutch Reformed Church: renovation - costs?
•Buona Vista Home for Elders:
  1. Donation of 4.000 Dutch guilders for necessary repairs.
  2. Via SOS-Velsen: 2.400 Dutch guilders for extra food by Foundation 'Velsen voor de Derde Wereld' (Velsen for the Third World).
  3. From building-trade Rolvink in connection with 25 years existance: in stead of presents they asked money in order to restore
      the roof of the male section (see also 1996).
Library Fort: repairs roof.
Mahamodarawatta: 1x 8 houses, 1x 12 houses.

Sewing centre Dadalla: 2 sewing machines (Rs. 31,780.00 = + 975 Dutch guilders); 
  1 Yuki sewing machine (Rs. 43,390.00 = + 1332 Dutch guilders); books and other materials (Rs. 5,000.00 = + 153 Dutch guilders);
  training of two supervisors ( Rs. 14,00.00 = + 454 Dutch guilders). Total: + 2.925,00 Dutch guilders.
Siyambalagahawatta, Community Centre: playing-attributes for recreation-ground (Rs. 5,000.00 = + 153 Dutch guilders).
Mahamodarawatta, Community Centre: playing-attributes for recreation-ground (Rs. 5,000.00 = + 153 Dutch guilders).
Velsenpura: toilets for children (Rs. 48,000.00 = + 1473 Dutch guilders).
Buona Vista Home for Elders: 150 pillow-cases, 40 pillows and 100 bedsheets (totally Rs. 26,500.00 = + 810 Dutch guilders);
  repairs of a roof (Rs. 151,234.00 = + 4642 Dutch guilders). A part of this money has been donated by the building-trade Rolvink,
  IJmuiden (Mun. Velsen - see also 1995); repairs of toilets (Rs. 29,965.00 = + 919 Dutch guilders).
Fort Galle: hand tractor for the clearing away of waste in the Fort (Rs. 107,000.00 = + 3284 Dutch guilders).
Scouts Headquarters at Custom Road: several repairs (Rs. 313,000.00 = + 9609 Dutch guilders).
Velsenpura: with the help of the Royal Dutch Embassy in Colombo 40.000 Dutch guilders available for typewriters and other
  equipment and administrative support.
Public Library Galle: 84,90 Dutch guilders for video tapes.
Fort Galle: repairs Dutch Reformed Church (2.250,00 Dutch guilders).

Library Fort: repairs of the roof (3.284 Dutch guilders).
Buona Vista Home of Elders
1. Telephone connection (Rs. 43,020.00 = 1.425,00 Dutch guilders) donated by Elderly Homes in Velsen.
    2. Foundation 'Velsen voor de Derde Wereld' (Velsen for the Third World): via SOS-Velsen: donation of 8.000 Dutch guilders,
        being the half of the amount needed for the purchase of a transport van. Further on: 2.400 Dutch guilders for food.
    3. Foundation Catholic Elderly Centre 'Kennemerland': 290,55 Dutch guilders.
Velsenpura: replacement of concrete tiles over the sewerage and drainage system (Rs. 30,000.00 = + 900 Dutch guilders).
Minuwangoda: concrete tiles over the sewerage and drainage system (Rs. 54.000/- = + 1620 Dutch guilders).
Siyambalagahawatta, community centre: playing-attributes like a ball, a cricketbat and a kind of biljardtable.
Footballclub RKVV IJmuiden: at the occasion of 75-years existance a donation of 2500 Dutch guilders, in order to promote
  the football sport in Galle (through all kinds of delays the materials have been handed over in February 2003).
Karapitiya Teaching Hospital: medical instruments (2.200 Dutch guilders - 1600 guilders from this have been donated by the
  Ichthus College in Velsen, by means of a Christmas activity).
W.H. de Boer: a privat donation of 460,05 Dutch guilders.
Womens' union FNV (trade(s)-union): 10,00 Dutch guilders.
Twining company (rope) in Galle: 7.000 Dutch guilders.

Sewing-centres at Dadalla and Magalle: 1 Singer overlock sewing-machine, model 14473 (Rs. 19,690/- = + 630 Dutch guilders);
  1 Singer highspeed industrial sewing-machine, model 1191 D (Rs. 39,990/- = + 1284 Dutch guilders).
Buona Vista Home for Elders: 
  1. Donation of 600 Dutch guilders for a television equipment from a physio-therapeutist regarding being 
      25 years physio-therapeutist. (Later two tv apparatus has been delivered: the necessary extra amount has been donated
      by SOS-Velsen. 
  2. Foundation 'Velsen voor de Derde Wereld' (Velsen for the Third World): via SOS Velsen: 2.400 Dutch guilders for food.
  3. Purchase of a van: (via SOS Velsen) donation by Foundation 'Velsen voor de Derde Wereld' of 10.600 Dutch guilders and
      meant for the transport of the inmates.
  4. Prayer-room: 2.440,17 Dutch guilders.
Contribution for scholarship for Srilankan students (5 from Galle): 500 Dutch guilders (Rs. 15,055/-).
Twining company (rope), Galle: 8.000 Dutch guilders = about Rs. 210,000/-.

Fumigation machine: to spray insect-power in the sewerage system (about 1.000 Dutch guilders)(f.i. against mosquitos: malara/dengue).
Magalle: Donation of 32.800 Dutch guilders by Housing company 'AWV Eigen Haard' for in order to finish housing-constructions
  and build new houses. Together 17 houses.
Fort Galle: Furgeson Massey tractor with trailer in order to collect waste (donation of 34.229,02 Dutch guilders by the Cornelis
  Vrolijk Fund = a fishing company in IJmuiden (Mun. of Velsen).
Public Library Galle: 1.187,96 Dutch guilders for the transportation by a sea-container of superfluous library furniture of the 'old'
  Public Library in IJmuiden (Mun. of Velsen).
Montesori school in Galle: 146,41 Dutch guilders for wooden puzzles.
Buona Vista Home for Elders
  1. Via SOS Velsen - Gifts from Foundation 'Velsen voor de Derde Wereld' (Velsen for the Third World): 2.400 Dutch guilders for 
      food, 1.800 Dutch guilders for fans and 800 Dutch guilders for bedsheets.
  2. 'Worldshop' in Velserbroek (Mun. of Velsen): 1.000 Dutch guilders for a refrigerator for the girls section.

Mahamodarawatta: handing over of 12 houses. (Rs. 1,200,000/- = 36.000 Dutch guilders. Paid by SOS Velsen).
Magalle: handing over of 17 houses. Paid by house building  company 'Eigen Haard' at Velsen (about 32.500 Dutch guilders).
  -Handing over of  a
Ferguson Masson tractor with trailer, for garbage removal in Fort Galle. Paid by a fishery company 
   at Velsen (see 1999).
  -Handing over of  a
fumigation machine (see 1999). Paid by SOS Velsen (about 1.000 Dutch guilders).
Public Library Galle: handing over of furniture of the old Public Library of Velsen.
Sewing schools at Dadalla and Magalle: rebuildings and sewing-machines.
Furgeson Massey Tractor with trailer: extra amount (550,93 Dutch guilders).
Buona Vista Home for Elders: renovation/enlargement praying-room. SOS Velsen has paid half the amount of the 
   costs (about 5.000 Dutch Guilders).
All Saint's College: placed 300 Dutch guilders placed at their disposal for a modem and telephoneline for internet communication 
   with the Vellesan College in Velsen. June 2000: first message, then thereafter course not known.

•March: project 1999-29 - Minuwangoda: concrete tiles over the sewerage system. Project finished.
•July: project 1999-27 - Touristique information  boards in Galle. Galle Heritage Centre has taken over this initiative.
•October: project 1999-15 - Community Centre Siyambalagahawatta: fence with iron gate: prevention of theft and
  dirt of cows).
•November: project 1999-11 - Velsenpura: replacement of broken tiles over the sewerage and draining system.
•November: project 1999-13 -
Sewing centre Dadalla:
   1. For safety: aluminium doors, partition walls and fence. 
   2. Next to it: two iron-heaters ( with discount of Blokker (shop) in Velserbroek, Municipality of Velsen).
November: project 1999-14 - Sewing centre Magalle: two iron-heaters (with discount of Blokker (shop) in Velserbroek).
November: project 2000-02 - Moragoda Ela - housing project
   Request to Housing company ' Eigen Haard' for 42 new houses in a
wet area. However, the housing company has a (technical) 
   different view at this project for the realization then the inmates: the wish of the inhabitants is not payable for Eigen
   Haard. The project has been rejected.
November: 2001-02 - Toys Children Park (next to Town Hall)
   A jubilee project of SOS Velsen (25 years twinning Velsen-Galle in 2001): Replacement of playing toys in the park next 
   to the Town Hall. November 5th 2001 re-opened by the Dutch Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Princen:
Velsen Children Park.
•Project project 1999-17 -
Core twining factory: SOS Velsen finished to sponsor this project. The aim was to realize a co-operative 
  business organization, however, the manager was thinking that he owned the factory. SOS Velsen only has contributed a minor 
  part in the costs. The intention was to investigate whether the invested amount could be claimed back. This has not happened.

•April: project 1998-01 - Renovation building
Scouts Head Quarters:
  Donation by SOS Velsen. Only a part of the renovation has been executed for the donated money. During the renovation other lacks 
  have been discovered and repaired, but not reported to SOS Velsen, so not all lacks have been repaired. Resting lacks: SOS Velsen 
  has requested several times for new estimates for the remaining lacks. However, never received at Velsen: the board of SOS Velsen 
  decided to strike off the list the rest of this project.
•June: project 2001-01 -
Velsenpura (quarter named after Velsen): construction of a drain at the beginning of the sewerage syste. 
  Job finished.
•September: project 2000-06 - Day Care Centre:
 Estimates Rs. 239,197/- (about 7175,- Dutch guilders)
The old children public library has been transferred into a children day care centre.
   Also a jubilee project in the framework of 25 years twinning Velsen-Galle. 
   Mothers can bring their children to the day care centre and can have a job. They have to pay a little amount, so that the project can continue.
NMCP / PUM Holland (representative in Sri Lanka: Mr. Kumarasinghe, Colombo) has sponsored the visit of two Galle representatives 
   for training and information in The Netherlands, as well as the stay of a Dutch instructor in Galle.
   SOS-Velsen has paid 50 % of the furniture and 50 % of the exploitation of the first year.
   The real 'start' took place in
September 2002. 
   Dutch Ambassador Mr. Hein Princen has opened the day care centre.
   2012, remark: In the preceding years people exclaimed this project as an exemple of good entrepreneurship.
•September: project 1999-12 -
Velsenpura: new men toiletbuilding and extra long suctionhose to empty the septic tanks.
   Costs: Rs. 251,687.86 (about 7550-8000 Dutch guilders).
   Opened by both Hon. Mayors of Galle and Velsen (Lional Premasiri and Fons Hertog).
•October: project 1999-05 -
Footballfield / stadium at Dadalla BTS Grounds:
   June 2002: football playing on the grassveld (lawn) is possible. Fence placed. All costs still paid by Galle. 
   Final estimates: about 71.650 euros: not affordable for SOS Velsen.
October 2002: no sponsors found in Holland. SOS Velsen had    
  to decide to delete this project of the list.

April: project
1999-14 - Sewing centre at Magalle
Request for adjustments because of nuisance by the traffic (dust and traffic noise). Amount: Rs. 252.157,00. Too, there is a request 
for extra normal sewing-machines and industrial-machines. The work has been reported finished in April 2003.
Galle Municipal Council informs NAAL that they want to co-operate with a firm which can deliver sewing-machines and also can provide sewing-lessons, after which the student a job can be offered by the firm.
During the tsunami on December 26th 2004 the sewing-centre has been destroyed totally. In 2005 it's still unclear if the sewing-centre 
will be fit up in the same place. Too, not clear where or if lessons are given now.
•June: project 1999-36 - YMCA building, Fort Galle
Estimates Rs. 1,250,000.00 = Usdlrs 17.361,00 (in 2000).
A multifunctional building, acting as: community centre, day care centre, education centre, sports (judo/karate), meetings, 
sewing-school, etc.
Renovation inside is really needed, and SOS Velsen is willing to help. But, the roofs are leaking, so the view of SOS Velsen is to
wait until the roofs have been repaired. But...the outside is under control of the Mutual Heritage Centre. No information received yet.
April 2002: "World Shop Velserbroek" has donated 1.000 guilders for toys, washing-accommodation and other things.
February 2003: information received that the building is the property of the YMCA and that they want to sell the building.
June 2003: board of SOS Velsen decided to delete the project from the projectlist.
•July: project 2001-01 - Gift of footballclub RKVV Velsen to promote football in Galle
At the celebration of her 75-years existance in 1997, footballclub RKVV Velsen donated 2.500 guilders in order to  promote 
  the football sport in Galle. 
 September 2002: referree flags and a football were handed over to several clubs in Dadalla and Velsenpura. Last part of 2002 
  a list of clubs were gathered by NAAL, Colombo. 
  Februari 2003: representatives of SOS Velsen -on behalf of RKVV Velsen- handed over to more than 20 footballclubs all kinds 
  of football attributes like footballs, pawns, shirts, et cetera.
  July 2003: pictures can be handed over to RKVV Velsen of footballclubs of Galle showing their new shirts and football  
•July: Fire vehicle for Galle - donated by Rotary Club Velsen (no projectnumber)
   Situtation in 2003: in 1986, a superfluous Landrover of the fire brigade of Velsen -with help of the Lions Club Velsen- was shipped to  
   Galle and still in use... Next to it, a fire vehicle donated by a Japanese town, now with a lot of rust gaps.
  September 2001:
Rotary Club Velsen organised Scottish "Highland Games". They raised about 22.5000 Usdlrs (with 2.250   
  Usdlrs from SOS Velsen included). Rotary International in America doubled this amount! 
  A new fire fighting vehicle was assembled in India.
July 2003: The new vehicle has been handed over to the Fire Brigade Galle by the Rotary Club Galle on behalf of Rotary 
  Club Velsen.
  2004 December 26th: after the
tsunami the Fire Brigade Galle was able -maybe as the only one- to transport wounded 
  people and dead bodies. Too, they assisted to clean the city.
•September: project 2000-04 - Karapitiya Teaching Hospital - liquid oxygen tank
Project together with the supplier of the tank. SOS Velsen places available 16.000 Dutch guilders.
One of the jubilee projects of SOS Velsen in the framework of 25 years twinning Velsen-Galle.
  Medical oxygen was transported daily by 2-3 lorries from Colombo to Galle (110 kms.). Frequently delays by traffic queues, 
  defects at the lorries, etc.). The tank furnishes costs savings.
  At first the Ministry gave no permission to place the tank: one was afraid for a monopoly position of the firm which would place
  the tank. Later nog problem. The tank was placed and put in use in July 2003.
  September 27th 2003: official use of the tank, with pipelines to the nursery rooms and operation theatres.
  Message from Karapitiya: "SOS and the Municipality of Velsen can be happy that there here after no body at Karapitiya
  hospital will die because of non availability of Oxygen."
June 2004: offical handing over by a SOS Velsen boardmember in Galle.
Remark: information by the Karapitiya Hospital that the oxygen tank has saved many lifes after the tsunami on 26-12-2004.
•October: project 2003 - ICT Academy in Galle, Talbot Town
  Very succesfull project under the VTA. On an existant building, in use as a computer teaching education centre, two stories 
  have been built. 
  Februari 2003: 8 students and 4 teachers of the Nova College, ICT section, furnishedthe rooms with computers, printers, networks,
  tables, etc. A number of international IT companies and a number  of known Dutch enterprises as well, sponsored this project. The 
  students arranged the shipping of equipment, made network designs, bought necessary equipment, revised replaced computers from
  Town Hall Velsen, shipped the things to Sri Lanka, et cetera. It was a part of their study.
  Teachers of the Nova College instructed the teachers in Galle ("teach the teachers"). Too, the NAAL is involved in the project.
  October 2003: again teachers and students from the Nova College, ICT section, departed to Galle to fit up other rooms and to give
  further instructions.
  18-10-2003: official opening by Hon. Minister Hemakumara Nanayakkara (descended from Galle).
  End 2003: already more than 1250 applies to attend lectures.

•Project 2003-05 - 
1. Computernetwork in Town Hall Galle
  February 13th - March 2004: installation of network by 8 Nova College ICT-students, as part of their final examation, under
  the leadership of 3 teachers and a communication expert of Town Hall Velsen. Also a student of an other college was present
  for a special investigation.
  The students have sought for sponsors, written the implementationplan and gathered the right materials. About 30 replaced 
  computers and 2 networkservers of Town Hall Velsen, have been checked and revised when necessary.
  For about two years this project will be coached by the Nova College.
  2. Installation of computers on 27 schools: the students have installed one or more computers on 27 schools, with a total of 80 computers, all coming from Town Hall Velsen.
April: project 2003-04 -
Wheel Chairs:
  Home Care Haarlem and Home Care Velsen have about 30 surplus wheelchairs available (some electric wheelchairs).
  Chairs have been delivered to handicapped persons in Galle area  and in the surroundings of Colombo. It was noticed to take in
  account that Srilankans are smaller than Dutch people.....(chairs to big).

June: project 2003-03 - Christian Men Choir "IJmuiden" - music instruments for schoolbands
During a visit of a delegation from Velsen, it seems a good idea to offer means to purchase new music instruments for 
  schoolbands in Galle. October 2003: the Choir exists 75 years and this is celebrated with a concert. An extra amount for the 
  entrance of the concert has been asked. The aim was to gather 750 euros and SOS-Velsen would double it. 
  The results were 1250 euros and SOS-Velsen doubled it. 
  It was decided to provide the schoolband of the Southlands College (Fort).
  June 2004: pictures are received on which the new instruments are to be seen.
•June: Project 2000-04 - Handing over tank for liquid oxygen to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital (see also 2003)
  Finally the tank has been placed on an other spot. SOS Velsen agreed with a higher contribution: December 2002 Rs. 480,000/- (about
  4500 ΰ 4800 euro).
  Summer 2003: the tank is put into use.
  June 2004: tank officially handed over.
•June: Project 2003-03 - Music instruments for schoolband in Galle
  During a working-visit of a delegation of SOS Velsen, it seemed a good idea to place at disposal funds for new music instruments for 
  a schoolband in Galle.
  October 2003: the Christian Men Choir "IJmuiden" (Mun. Velsen) existed 75 years. By means of additional charge on the admission   
  ticket for a jubilee concert 1250 Euros was raised. SOS Velsen has doubled this amount.
  It was decided to supply the schoolbands of the
Southlands College (Fort, Galle) with new instruments.
June 2004: receipt of pictures of schoolbands of the Southlands College on which they are to be seen with their new instruments. •July: project 2002-03 - Exchange between youth from Galle and Velsen
  An exchange between youth from Galle and Velsen has been proposed by an former Galle Municipal Council member.
  The travel costs have to be paid by the participants, accommodation free. An exchange in August 2002 is not feasible; later 
  July/August 2003 is planned. Unfortunately for July/August too few participants on both sides for an exchange.
  Finally it appeared that in Galle an exchange is not feasible, because of financial reasons.
  February 2004: the visits of the Nova College ICT students (installing ICT Academy and network in Town Hall Galle) 
  are considered as exchanges.
  July 2004: it is decided to strike off this project from the projectlist.
•Project 1999-21 - E-mail exchange between schools in Galle and Velsen
In 1999 the idea arose to establish e-mail contacts between schools in Galle and Velsen.
 June 2000: first few contacts between All Saint's College and Vellesan College in Velsen. However, the contacts failed at the end.
 June 2001: SOS Velsen started, with the co-operation of the Nova College (ICT Academy) in Velsen, with the Asoka Vidyalaya in 
  Colombo as a pilot project.
 October 2003: first e-mail contacts between Nova College ICT students and the ICT Academy in Galle (installed by Nova College).
 2005: The Dutch foundation "ICT Education Centre Sri Lanka" made a successful contact between a school in Velsen-Noord and a 
 school in Galle. Objectives: schools in Velsen, but also outside Velsen, making contacts with schools in and outside Galle and also to
 support de Srilankan schools for some years by delivering 5 computers to each school plus  paying the telephone line for some years. 
 After that period the Srilankan school will have to pay for themselves. 
 September 2004: because there are e-mailcontacts between ICT-students of the Nova College and ICT-students in Galle, the board
 of SOS Velsen decides to delete this project from the list.
•September: project 2003-01 - Community Health Education / Prevention of Diseases and Development of Health 
                                   Services Clinics
  Estimates Rs. 4,338,350.00 = 40.545-43.383 euro (in 2003).
  At first glance it is looking like a good project, but maybe too big for SOS-Velsen. 
  Novermber 2003: after inquiries, SOS-Velsen is informed that this project is not helping 'the poorest of the poor'. Besides this it 
  is informed that funds can be obtained at the Central Government in Colombo.
  Advisory Committee Galle would investigate what the purpose of  Galle Municipal Council is.
  September 2004: nothing heard since, so it is decided to strike off the subject from the list.
•September: project 2003-10 - Swimming pool at Richmond College
  Estimates: Rs. 10 miljon - about 100.000 euros (in 2003).
  The Richmond College indicated that the swimming also would be accessible for non-Richmond College people.
  It seems better for SOS-Velsen to choose an other spot to create a public swimming pool. A place has been found in Dadalla area. 
  An other project started in 2004: see under running projects 2004-04 - Swimming pool in Galle.
  September 2004: the project is struck off the list.
•September: Project 2003-13 - FISD (Foundation for International Sustainable Development)
  FISD is granting loans with a low interest, till a maximum of 50.000 euros, to starting entrepreneurs.
  A factory -working up plastics- is interested. A businessplan is required how to pay back the loan and in what time.
  A member of NMCP / PUM Holland has looked into the books and gave a negative report. NAAL decides not to continue
  with this project. 
 September 2004:
SOS-Velsen adopted the advice of NAAL and decided to strike off this project from the list.
•October 2004: Regarding the hereunder mentioned projects 2003-06, -07, -08, -09 en -11
  goal was to implement them in the Sport Development Project (2000-08). However until now no funds available.

2003-06 - Basketball fields
No estimates available.
    -Project 2003-07 - Request for sports equipment and financial support for maintenance
Request for cricket, football and badminton equipments, tabletennis table and financial support for maintenance.
     No estimates available.
    -Project 2003-08 - Building for power training
     Estimates Rs. 1,368,731.37 = about 13.687 euro (in 2003).
    -Project 2003-09 - Athletics development project
Request for boots, clothes, improvement of the jumping-site, storage building, room for power training. No estimates available.
    -Project 2003-11 - Rugby field
Request handed over to a visiting civil servant of Velsen (Dept. Sport and Recreation) and CIOS sport student.
     Estimates Rs. 3 miljon = about 30.000 euro (in 2003).
•October: project 2003-12 - Action to collect sports attributes by a civil servant of Town Hall Velsen 
  (Dept. Sports and Recreation)
   September 2003: Mr. Simon de Weers, starts an action to collect good, but not anymore used sports articles, in order to 
   ship them to Galle. 
   January 2004: a fully loaded seacontainer arrives in Galle in. The goods have been divided with consultation with the NAAL.
   Gymnastic attributes (parallel bars, balance beam, etc.) are stored and used in the old Public Library (intended Gymnasium,
   project 2003-02).
   October 2004: Mayor of Galle informs that all goods have been divided.
February: project 2004-03 - Rotary Club Galle - request for donation of laparoscopy instruments for Karapitiya Teaching 
  The British High Commission has donated a Laparoscopy Unit to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, Rs. 2 million.
  Not all needed laparoscopy instruments could be purchased. Rotary Club Galle have been requested to find funds.
  SOS-Velsen forwarded the request to Rotary Club Velsen and in October 2004 RC Velsen donated 400 euros.
  February 2005: information that the instruments have been purchased.
•May: project 2004-01 - Library Fort - request for donation to fight against "silver fishes
  SOS Velsen requested the Library to send estimates -via the NAAL- to SOS-Velsen.
  May 2005: after repeated requests to send estimates: no reaction. The project has been struck off the list.
  Remark: January 2006: during a visit of a delegation from Velsen it appeared that the problem has been solved.
•May 2005: Project 2004-02 - Rotary Club Galle - request for donation to print certificates "Vocation Service Award" 
 for "Best Post Employee"
  Requested to send estimates -via the NAAL- to SOS-Velsen.
  Mei 2005: after repeated requests to send an estimate: no reaction. The project has been struck off the list.
•July: Project 1999-18 - Training centre for repair of tv, radio and other electrical equipment (centre for electro-technics)
This project would have functioned under the VTA (Vocational Training Authority). The Dutch Nova College was interested to
  participate, but first wanted the newly erected ICT Academy to function well. 
  A  suitable building has been found: in Talbot Town a building,  which already was in use for computer education (ground floor).
  2005: two storeys have been built ontop the groundfloor. The ICT Academy is running very well in 2005, but no sight yet for a start
  of a centre of electro-technics. 
  July 2005: the board of SOS Velsen decides to delete this project from the list.
•July/August: Project 2003-05 - IT project - computernetwork in Town Hall Galle (GMC)
The Nova College ICT Academy (Velsen, The Netherlands) and VNG-international (Dutch Association of Municipalities) are involved. 
  VNG-i is supporting with 52.123,68 euro for a 2-years period. A networkspecialist of Town Hall Velsen is controlling the project in  
  July/August 2003: two networkspecialists of Town Hall Velsen and a lecturer of the Nova College ICT Academy investigate the 
  possibilities in Town Hall Galle.
 2003: a great number of computers are being replaced in Town Hall Velsen and inspected and adjusted by Nova College ICT students.
 2004: the checked computers are being shipped to Galle.
  February 2004: teachers and students of Nova College ICT Academy, a network specialist of Town Hall Velsen start the installation 
  of the network. For the students it's also an official training part of their study.
  Besides this, 27 schools are receiving computers (1 or more per school). Civil servants of GMC will receive computerlessons at the 
  Galle ICT Academy.
  November 2004: SOS-Velsen supports the project with 3000 euro.
  26-12-2004: the installed network on the ground floor is damaged totally  by the tsunami.
  May 2005: teachers and students of the Nova College ICT Academy start to replace the network.
  July and August 2005: two teams of students and teachers of Nova College ICT Academy finish the installation of the network.
  Next to it, in Galle and surroundings, computers are installed at schools (by the foundation ICT Education Centre Sri Lanka).
•October: Project 2005-03 - 'Cotton bags' for shopping, et cetera
Aim: to diminish the use of plastic bags (environment).
 Applicant was requested to send an estimate to SOS-Velsen (via NAAL) for this nice proposal.
  October 2005: the applicant withdrew his request, because he did not want to make the impression that he was using public funds 
 for his project..... A pity.
•November: Project 2002-02 - Velsenpura, toiletbuilding for women
Renovation is really needed. Too, the septic tanks have to be repaired. Estimates: Rs. 259,641.20 (= in 2005: about 2160-2200 euros).
 Only in the last months of 2004 the renovation started, because the Municipality was thinking an other toilet had to be repaired.
 2005: Visits from Velsen in January and June: job not yet finished. Rather unclear why, something to do with the tsunami??
  November 2005: job finished.

•January: project 2005-01 - Library Fort Galle - request for repairs
Estimates Rs. 52,820.00 = about 450 euros, for carpentry, paint, et cetera.
  January 2006: the work appears to be ready.
•January: Project 2005-02 - Library Fort Galle - request for a photocopier
Estimates Rs. 120,750.00 = about 1020 euros.
  January 2006: the copier has been purchased.
•Project 2000-08 -  Sport Development Project (CIOS - Nova College)
A lecturer of the Sport Academy of Nova College (The Netherlands), CIOS, Mr. Cees Versteeg, has developed an international 
  education training programme, which already has been executed for some years in South-Africa and Zimbabwe.
  Objective: Advanced CIOS-students train trainers in Sri Lanka with the lie behind that everybody in Galle will get the chance to
  practice sport.
  July 2001: The lecturer visits Galle and makes a proposal. An intention statement was set up with the intention to see whether the 
  programme "train the trainers" could start in 2003.
  Augustus 2003: A civil servant of Town Hall Velsen of the Department Sport and Recreation and a nearly finished CIOS student 
  visited Galle to investigate the possibilities.
  A problem was and still is to find the necessary funds. The Sport Department of a Dutch Ministry could not supply half of the needed 
  money because of cutting down expenses. The other 50% would/could be supplied by the Dutch Association of Municipalities. Other 
  sources have been investigated, however no result. In vain applied to other (international) sources.
  February 2006: SOS Velsen decides to delete this project from the list, but to take in a new projectnumber 2006-01 "Sportprojects."
•March: project 2005-04 - Karapitiya Teaching Hospital - request furnishing densitometer room (osteoporosis room)
  Estimates: Rs. 100,000/- = + 833,33 euros (in 2005).
  With a densitometer (DXA machine) one can measure osteoporosis -the status of bones with calcium. Osteoporosis can lead to bone 
  fractures, espially with women. The DXA machine has been donated by the British High Commission.
  The room had still to be provided with furniture and floor-covering. For the same amount also a safe and airco could be purchased.
  February 2006: room in use. Official opening: March 2006.
•December: project 2005-05 - Safe lamps
Lamps filled with kerosine frequently fall over. A physician, who frequently treats patients with burn wounds, has requested a 
  donation in order to purchase lamps, which cannot fall over easily. Price each: Rs. 38/- (about 3 nos for one Usdlr).
  April 2006: request for 3500 lamps for 1750 families. 
  Estimate: including extra charges like transport: Rs. 145,000/- = + 1.200 euros (March 2006).
  November 2006: 3000 lamps have been distributed (with handing in the old dangerous lamps). Last 500 nos before Christmas 2006.

•February: project 2006-06 - Community Physical Rehabilitation Center
  Estimates: Rs. 5,2 million = about 40.000 euros (September 2006).
  Aim: Create a centre for physiotherapy for people who receive only a few treatments in the hospital, but need more.
  October 2006: applicant informs that the project at that moment is not realizable, too expensive and a constant stream of incomes not 
  is expected. New proposal by the applicant: see running projects 2007-01, Centre for Gait disorders.
  February 2007: 2006-06 deleted from the list.
•March: 2006-03 - Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, weighing scale for Center for Metabolic Bone Deseases
  Estimate: 360,43 euros. 
  March 2007: In first instance no space to put the weighing scale, but after extension of the treatment room the scale has been placed.
•March: project 2006-09 - Sambodhi Home - dentist chair
  Estimates: 1,359,23 euro (March 2007).
  The Sambodhi Home is a home for inmates who  are for the greater part mentally handicapped. Because problems are experienced 
  when has to be waited in the waiting-room, plus transport from Sambodhi Home to the dentist, the dentist is coming to the Home.
  March 2007: the chair has been purchased. A Dutch lady provided an extra amount for accesories.
  Total costs: € 1.359,23.
•June: project 2006-11 - Siyambalagahawatta - repairs of well
Estimates: 737 euros. 
  June 2007: repairs finished.
•July: project 2006-05 - Library Fort Galle - 2 computers, printer and maintaince (for 3 years)
Estimates for 3 years: 2.711 euros.
  Installation would be executed by the Foundation ICT Education Centre Sri Lanka (through ICT-students of the Nova College).
  Beginning 2007: regarding the political situation in Sri Lanka it is decided that the Nova College ICT-students for the time being
  will not departure to Sri Lanka.
  April 2007: SOS Velsen decides to purchase two computers with printer locally . Installation by a local ICT company. 
  Final costs: 1.404 Euros. 
  July 2007: handing over of the two computers and printer.
•July: project 2007-03 - Donation for a project of the Municipality of Vlaardingen (The Netherlands)
The Municipality of Vlaardingen first had the intention to contribute in a (tsunami) housing scheme in Galle of the Foundation 'Velsen
  helpt Galle': 12.000 euros. In consultation with NAAL, they decided to the building/renovation of two 'Pre Childhood Development
  & Libraries' in two villages: Mahawaskaduwa north off and Katukurunda south off Kalutara. Estimates: 14.000 euros, so 2000 euros 
  short. SOS Velsen has been requested to join with 2000 euros. SOS Velsen agreed.
  July 2007: a delegation from Velsen noticed that the works nearly has finished. On the wall of Mahawaskaduwa a text will be put
  indicating that SOS Velsen is a co-sponsor.
•August:  project 2006-04 - Via ICT Education Centre Sri Lanka - support of 23 scholen, not under the twinning programme
 Aim: support for maintainance, contribution in the costs of the use of internet and 7% for overall co-ordination.
  Request for 3 years. Estimates: for 2006: 2.300 Euros; for 2007: 2.570 Euros and for 2008: 2.840 Euros.
August 2007: Practically no information is received about the progress and consequently the SOSV-board decides to strike off this 
  project of the list, because a number of conditions have not been fulfilled.
•September: project 2007-01 - Center for Gait disorders
 Such a center where gait disorders are treated, does not exist yet in Sri Lanka. Request for two apparatus: one from Hongkong, one 
 from Israel. 
 Estimates October 2006: 31.026 Euros (Usdlrs. 40.600) for both equipments. The NAAL is positive about the projectproposal. 
 February 2007: SOSV-board agrees.
 June 2007: the applicant did not reckon with transportcosts and import duties. So, he decides to purchase one machine plus accessories 
 from Israel. Estimates June 2007: € 26.744. It was decided by SOS Velsen to spend the balance for project 2006-07 (gas-vacuum 
 system for the ETU (Emergency Treatment Unit) of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital).
 September 2007: equipment arrived and put into use.

•October: project 2007-03 -
Donation for a project of the Municipality of Vlaardingen (The Netherlands) in
                                (Maha)waskaduwa and Katukunda
The places are situated north and south off Kalutara respectively.
  At first Vlaardingen wanted to contribute € 12.000 for the house scheming project of 'Velsen helps Galle' in Aththiligoda, Galle.
  In consultation with the NAAL the Mun. of Vlaardingen decided to build/renovate two of the 'Pre Childhood Development Centers
  & Libraries'in the above mentioned places. Estimates: 14.000 Euros, so 2.000 Euros short.
  SOS Velsen is requested for a  contributtion of 2.500 Euros. The new regulations of SOSV permit to co-operate in projects outside
  Galle, that's to say in the Galle District. Under conditions SOSV agrees.
October 2007: building/renovation ready. On the wall of Mahawaskaduwa a note that SOSV is a co-sponsor.
•November: project 2005-07 -
Via ICT Education Centre Sri Lanka - ICT project for 10 schools, falling under th
                                  twinning programme
ICT Education Centre Sri Lanka' arosen from the ICT-programme of the Nova College. Aim: ICT education and sustainable contact
  with schools/colleges in Velsen. The foundation is expending quickly in Sri Lanka.
  Estimates: SOS Velsen is willing to donate 500 Euros per school, so totally 5.000 Euros. Eventually same amount for 2006, 2007 and
  2008, provided that the results will be good.
  End 2006/beginning 2007: the impression exists that the project is not running well. Only with two Colleges an e-mail exchange 
  (Southlands College and Mahinda College).
November 2007: it is decided by the board of SOS Velsen to strike off this projects, because it has not met the conditions.
•December: project 
2006-01 - Sport Development Programma (SDP)
In fact the SDP is the same as the former CIOS project 2008-08, striked off the list because of economize on expenditures of the
 Ministry of Sports in February 2006. That's why, too, no contribution of the VNG (Dutch Association of Municipalities).
 The goal of 2006-01 was to set up (an) other sportsproject(s).
End 2007: still no proposals. It is decided to put the project as 'Attentionpoint' on the projectlist.
•December: project 2006-10 -
Public Library - request for multimedia and books for library Magalle
Apply for a DVD-player and beamer. Also a request for a donation for 3000 books in Sinhala and Tamil for the annex in Magalle,
  which have been destroyed during the tsunami in December 2004.
  December 2006: the board of SOS Velsen decides to donate 5.250 Euros. The Library can fill in themselves what to buy for it.
  July 2007: a delegation from Velsen learns that the remitted is not used yet and still is in the possession of the NAAL. 
  The Municipality indicates that they have received a beamer of an other country and this beamer can be used by the Library.
December 2007: two computers and a scanner have been purchased. Of the balance books will be purchased.
•December:  project 2007-07 -
Public Library - request for a donation to paint the inside and outside walls
December 2007:
apply refused, because SOS Velsen does not donate for maintaince.
•December:  project 2007-10 -
Foundation Apeksha, The Hague (The Netherlands)
Foundation erected in 2007, which in Galle supports (poor) children, who can study well and have a chance to finish their study.
December 2007: SOS Velsen decides to donate for one time € 750,00.

•February: project
2007-07 - A computer for a contactperson in Galle
  A contactperson reports that his computer is not reparable anymore and would like to receive a donation for a good second hand pc.
  Through the NAAL a donation of LKR 27,350 (about 172 Euros) is remitted.
February 2008: a new pc purchased. The contactperson, too, has made a contribution.
•April:  project
2007-02 - Bus for bloodbank Karapitiya Hospital
Until then hospital ambulances were rented to gather blood from donors in the region. Thes ambulances are more and more less at
  disposal, because the hospital needs them more and more.
  Estimate March 2007: about 17.250 Euros (Rs. 2,5 Million) for a second hand ambulance.
  July 2007: it is indicated that a second hand vehicle is no good option and it is requested whether a new vehicle is a possibility.
  Aircondition is very important: the inside temperature must be between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius.
  Costs new bus plus outside indications: € 21.829.
2-4-2008: handing over bus by Dutch Ambassador Mr. Reinout van Dijk to director and bloodbank employees of the Karapitiya
•June: project 2004-04 -
Swimming-pool Galle
In stead of the finished swimming-pool project 2003-10 in June 2004 Mr. Simon de Weers, civil servant of the Department Sport
  & Recreation of the Municipality of Velsen, set going a new fundraising. The Mun. of Galle has a piece of ground at disposal  in the
  ward Dadalla (open piece of land, close at sea). Unfortunately the
tsunami on 26 December 2004 causes a delay.
  -June 2005: according to the Mun. Council an other piece of land is available. A Letter of Intent is drafted.
  Difficulty: because this place is within the 100-meter boarder of the sea (tsunami danger), in first instance the central government
  does now allow the construction of dressing-boxes, showers and a stand for the public.
  -End 2006: agreement.
  -July 2005: constructor
Holleman & Sons, Velserbroek (Holland), places 50.000 Euros at disposal.
  -March 2006: contacts with swimming-club 'Swimlanka'( ). 
  -2006: the new swimming-pool will be built in front of the Lighthouse Hotel (Jetwing), on the other side of the road.
   Jetwing is owner of the road. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is drafted between SOS-Velsen, Swimlanka, AdoptSriLanka
   and the Lighthouse Hotel.
   Principal aim: (free of charge) swimming-lessons for schoolchildren, with next to it in the remaining hours swimming-education for
   adults. Measurer of the swimming-pool: 25x8,80 metres and 4 lanes. Further on a swimming-pool for little children of 6,75x3 metres.
  -28-2-2007: first stone.
  -August 2007: ground prepared and the start of the construction on August 13th at an 'Auspicious time'. 
•June: project
2007-04 - Village Telecentre in Sedawaththa/Pamunugama
A project of The Civil Police community Service committee; 1. Purchase of a new computer with printer and scanner;
  2. Two used computers in order to learn children the basics; 3. Installation of a telephone line for internet; 4. Setting up a library
  for children. Extra goal is to keep the children off the street and in this way to prevent criminality.
  A young person has been appointed to run the centre.
  SOS Velsen has donated € 1.100 for one time.
30-6-2008: official opening.
•June: project 2003-02 - Construction of a 'Gymnasium'
(Remodelling the old Public Library into a gymnasium, amongst others for badminton, training, tabletennis, gymnastics,
   basketball, et cetera).
  Estimates 2003: Rs. 2,510,000.00 (21.826 Euros).
  -July 2003: a civil servant of the Mun. of Velsen, Dept. Sports&Recreation and a person who has finished his sports studies at the CIOS sports Academy judged this building on the possibilities.
   Their judgement is positive. Initially it is the meaning to implement the Sport Development Project (SDP - projectnumber 2008-08) in this project, but...unfortunately no money is available.
  -November 2003: SOS Velsen decides to finance the project.
The costs have risen: 23.000 to 25.000 Euros.
  -January 2004: initially a drawing of the hall is disapproved by a architect of the NAAL.
  -June 2004: a delegation of SOS Velsen noticed that a plaquette already has been fixed to the outside of the building with all Srilankan names αnd that the building would be opened... However, inside nothing
    has happened...and a number of offices, which were places in the old library, yet have been removed.
tsunami in December 2004 causes extra delay in the renovation. Fortunately, gymnastic equipment warehoused in the building, appeared undamaged.
   -June 2005: a delegation of SOS Velsen notices that the office-rooms have been removed and quickly a number of stored things, 
    damaged/destroyed by the tsunami are removed.
   -August 2006: a SOSV-boardmember notices that the renovation has not made much progress. The contractor has finished for some unknown reason. The Municipality of Galle is looking for an other contractor
    and requests some postponement from SOS Velsen.
    Besides, the fire-brigade still uses a part of the room; they will move into a new barrack.
    SOS Velsen puts a deadline: in May 2007 the work must be finished, otherwise the finances will be drawn back.
   -June 2007: a delegation from SOS Velsen notices that only one wall has been removed and the foundation of the toiletblock has been constructed. Totally 40% of the available amount has been used.
June 2008:
the gymnasium is ready. Pictures make clear that one another is looking well.
•June: project 2006-08 - Fort Library Galle - request for depositing Rs. 1 miljoen on a bankaccount
The board of the Fort Library proposes to deposit Rs. 1 million on a Srilankan bankaccount on name of SOS Velsen.
  The interest will be for the library, with which all kinds of activities can be done: culture, theatre, information, et cetera.
  The board of SOS Velsen decides not to do this, but from an other project it will be possible to remit an amount, be it that the amount will be lower.
   June 2007: it is decided to donate for one year a monthly amount of LKR 12,000.
June 2008: end of the monthly remittance.
•August: project 2006-07 -
Karapitiya Teaching Hospital - compressorinstallation for a piped medical gas-vacuum system for
                              the ETU (Emergency Treatment Unit)
February 2007: decision for a donation granted.
  Estimate September 2006: 12.190,51 Euros. Later it appeared that a necessary compressor was not included.
  August 2007: construction of pipes-lines finished. Deficit for the purchase of the compressor: 7.586 Euros. This amount was remitted in October 2007.
  June 2008: manufacture of parts in the UK delayed.
3-8-2008: the system is functioning well.
•September: project
2008-01 - Galle Psycho Social Health Project (GPSHP)(tsunami trauma treatment)
Originally a project of "Velsen helps Galle (Velsen helpt Galle - VhG), the foundation errected after the tsunam. VhG has dissolved in ecember 2007.
   As the project was not finished in December 2007 SOS Velsen has taken over the settlement.
   A number of persons in Galle  have been trained to recognize the results of a trauma.
   First half of 2008: no clearness about the progress of the project: the impression is that it is not running well.
   June/July 2008: one wants to move the assistence to Unawatuna, be bounded by Galle. The assistence in Galle is standing still.
September 2008: SOS Velsen decides to cease the project. The balance of the project, maybe, can be used for an other tsunami related project
•October: project
2007-06 - Repairs of a little house in the in the Bona Vista Home for Elders (BVHE)
   June 2007: a little house in the BVHE, sitting enthroned high above the bay of Galle, has been partly damaged by a severe storm.
   Collapsed roof, partly destroyed wall and a defective water conduit-pipe. An aged lady was wounded at her head.
   Estimates: LKR 192,102.15 (about € 1.200).
October 2008: it's getting clear that the repairs have been finished.
•November: project
2001-01 - Solid Waste Management Projecrt / Citizens participation
Waste is a big problem all over the world, so, too in Galle and surroundings.
  -2001: Two persons from Galle participate in a VNG International training programme "Waste Management" (VNG = Dutch Association of Municipalities). At ReinUnie  in Velsen practical experience is gained.
   At the same time, in 2001, trainees from Galle participates in the VNG International course 'Citizens Participation'; practical experience is gained in Velsen. Goal of this curriculum: to make the population aware
   of the worth of separation of waste and re-use, through which a better environment of life arises and deceases can be prevented.
   November 2001: Councilmembers, under the leadership of the Mayor of Galle, visited the Galle Fort in order to involve the population.
   November 2002: 4 persons from Galle participate in the VNG International second course 'Citizens Participations', of which one 
   week in the city of Velsen.
   July 2003: a fellow-worker of ReinUnie in Velsen, visited Galle as projectleader.
   November 2003: three persons from Galle take part in a more extended 14-day continuation course 'Solid Waste Management, A Mayor, a civil servant and a ngo-member (non-governmental organisation), with again
   a trainingperiod at ReinUnie in Velsen.
   For your information: in the city of Galle are two waste dumpingsites, of which is expected to be full around 2006/2007.
   It is investigated to find a site which can serve for at least 10 years.
   26-12-2004: the
tsunami results in an extra number of waste, which is dumped in a dangerous way (frequently in marshland and mangrove woods and containing a lot of asbestos, with other words groundpolution).
   December/January 2004/2005: referring to the tsunami, the foundation
'Velsen helpt Galle' (VhG)(Velsen helps Galle) is erected.
   All kinds of actitivies furnish something more than 950.000 Euros. VhG destinates 80.000 Euros for the clearance of tsunami waste (dumping site and a Material Recovery Facility (MRF)).
   April 2005: the projectleader (ReinUnie) prepares a workshop/symposium in Galle, where the local government and the provincial and central government are involved, just like the Worldbank and the International Solid Waste Union.
   Period 2005/2008: VNG International, mainly financing the solid waste management project (SWMP), is requiring that the SWMP not only is taking place in Galle, but will take place beyond the frontiers of Galle, that's to say that
    other Municipalities will participate.
   One is striving for  the model in the Velsen region.: more municipalities are making use of the same dumping site.
   2006: four other places are involved in the project: Habaraduwa, Weligama, Akmeemena and Matara.
   April 2006: VNG International again organises a Waste Management training. Three Srilankans are participating: from Galle, 
   Habaraduwa and Matara. For a joint dumpingsite a implementation plan is written. Too, Canadians and Japaneses are taking part in the project. Contribution of VNG-I for this 3 years lasting project: more than 100.000 Euros.
   End 2006: a spot has been found for a joint dumping site, lying at the new highway under construction Colombo-Matara.
   However..., after an investigation of the condition of the soil it appeared to be no good place.
   April 2007: three civil servants and a boardmember of SOS Velsen are being trained by 'WASTE' in Gouda how to give insight to civil servants of the five municipalities in Sri Lanka (see above) in which way they can co-operate
    in order to reach a solution of the waste problem. The training at WASTE costed 5.000 Euros, so that 75.000 Euros remains of the amount which Velsen helpt Galle had placed at disposal.
   June 2007: one of the civil servants trained by WASTE is training the civil servant the five involved Srilankan municipalities and others in order that they can make aware others in awareness and co-operation in the waste separation
    process and later treatment. ater, same year, he visited Sri Lanka for the same purpose.   
   Decemnber 2007: the foundation Velsen helpt Galle is being dissolved. SOS Velsen takes over the still running projects, amongst others the balance of 75.000 Euros allocated for the tackling of the tsunami waste.
   September 2008: it is concluded that small things have started. Just in time a MoU  (Memorandum of Understanding) of the five Srilankan municipalities is received. According to this, the Mayor of Velsen, together with the Chief
   Minister of the Southern Province, have signed and sent a second application for the period 2009-2010 to VNG International.
   However..., the MoU appeares to meet to the demands and is sent back to Sri Lanka.
November 2008: still no good MoU has been received. VNG International has decided to stop the waste project at the end of December of 2008. Too, the board of SOS Velsen decides to withdraw themselves from the waste project and to
   allocate the remaining 75.000 Euros for an other, also tsunami-related project. The board of SOS Velsen regrets the finalizing of this very important project, but except the Municipality of Matara, the input of the Srilankan municipalties was minimal.
•November: project 2007-05 - Contacts between Scouting Velsen and Galle
June 2007: four scouting groups in Velsen are interested in contacts with scouting groups in Galle and surroundings.
  Somebody from of the Galle District, taking part in a training course in Holland at VNG International, and being involved in the scouting in Galle District, is contacted. He indicates that there are 69 scouting groups in Galle District, but no one with e-mail.
  A letter is written to the District Scout Commissioner in Galle. The contacts are going/went very laboriously and in the last half year of 2008 not one reaction from Galle.
  September 2008: the board of SOS Velsen decides to wait and see for still two months. If no single reaction then cease the project.
  November 2008: unfortunately no message received from Galle, so the project is striken off the projectlist.
•November: project 2007-09 - E-mailcontact between two school in Galle and the Ichthus College in Driehuis (Mun. Velsen)
Two Colleges in Galle, the Sanghamitta Balika Vidyalaya and Richmond College, are interested in e-mailcontact with the  Ichthus College in Driehuis. The contacts are very laboriously or none.
  September 2008:
the board of SOS Velsen decides to wait and see for still two months. If no single reaction then cease the project.
  No amount has put to the project yet.
  November 2008: no progress and the board of SOS Velsen decides to postpone this project for the moment.

February: project 2008-02 - Housing scheme of 38 houses in Aththiligoda, Galle, for tsunami affected families
  Originally a project of 'Velsen helpt Galle' (VhG)(Velsen helps Galle), a foundation erected directly after the tsunami in December 
  2004. VhG has been dissolved in December 2007 and SOS Velsen has taken over the still running projects.
  Estimates: € 517.223, and at the end the final amount 560.000 Euros (higher prices for building materials and extra work).
  The architecture is somewhat un-conventional for Sri Lanka, that's to say houses in a row with a storey, little garden in the front and 
  back. Living-room, kitchen, toilet downstairs, upstairs two bedrooms with shower. The houses are looking very well.
  During a working-visit of a SOS Velsen delegation the houses have been handed over on
February 26th 2009 to the new owners, but
  with the annotation that it is not allowed to sell the houses within five years. In case of premature death it is allowed to hand over the 
  house to family.
• June 2009: 2004-04 - Swimming-pool
   The swimming-pool is in use since June 2008. At first the salaries of the instructors have been payed by SwimLanka, but SwimLanka has s
topped paying salaries in April 2009. Of course, it would be regretted very much when this nice project has to
    be stopped. It is expected that in about one or two years enough revenues will be generated.
    3-6-2009: SOS Velsen decides to pay the salaries for one year: 12x 500 Euros/month = € 6.000.
2004-04 - Zwembad Galle
Het zwembad is in juni 2008 in gebruik genomen. Salarissen werden aanvankelijk betaald door SwimLanka, maar is daarmee in april  2009 gestopt. 
Het zou natuurlijk zeer te betreuren zijn als dit goede project zou moeten stoppen. Verwacht wordt dat over ιιn ΰ twee jaar voldoende inkomsten gegenereerd zullen worden. 
3-6-2009: SOS Velsen besluit voor ιιn jaar de salarissen te betalen, d.w.z. 12x 500 euro = € 6.000.

• Augustus 2009: 2009-09 -
Request for four 'fogging' (fumigation) machines (generators)
June 2009: epidemic of  dengue all over Sri Lanka. At that moment 128 patienten have passed away, 10.000 infected. 
The Municipality of Galle requests for a subsidie for  four fogging machines ofwel generators, an apparatus looking like a big machine gun, which blowing a chemical powder.
SOS Velsen agrees with the purchase of four nos of IGEBA TF-35 (German type) ΰ LKR 205,340 each.
July 2009: total amount € 4.770 + € 238 fee for the NAAL = € 5.008.
4-8-2009: via NAAL a number of pictures of the  generators in use received.
September 2009: 2009-04 - Karapitiya Teaching Hospital: an electronic security and monitoring system
Estimate: LKR 650,000 = € 4.577 (March 2009).
Implies: a security system with cameras and a medical monitoring system and reporting system.
It has a low priority for the SOSV-board. September 2009: the board decides to strike off the list this project.
September 2009: 2009-07 - Repair of a Back Hoe Loader
Estimate: € 5.700,- (February 2009).
The vehicle mostly is mostly in use for waste clearance. The vehicle has been repaired, but apparantly the Municipality of Galle is not able to pay the bill and has requested for a donation.
May 2009: the board offers a donation of 75% of the bill. August 2009: the loader is in use again, apparently the Municipality has found a way to solve the financial problems.
September 2009: the board decides to strike off the list this project.
September 2009: 2005-06 - Outside playing equipment for children
In 2001 SOS Velsen donated outside playing equipment for the children park next to the Townhall of Galle (see finished project 1999-11 in 2001). The tsunami on December 26th 2004 has destroyed a big part.
- 2005: SOS Velsen wanted to place new equipment in the park. The
Worldshop 't Kruispunt in Velserbroek (Municipality of Velsen) donated 1500 Euros for this goal. Secondary school  de Klipper, location Sluiswijk at
IJmuiden (Mun. Velsen), donated 200 Euros, which is a part of the proceeds of a Children funfair in 2005. 
- End 2005 : It appeared that Unicef already has placed a number of equipment.
- February 2009: During a working-visit a Velsen delegation saw that in the newly handed over housing-scheme at Aththiligoda (for tsunami hit familiesvictims - see finished project 2008-02, 2009) that it still was possible
to place several outside playing equipment.
- 21-7-2009, estimates for: a matslide, two swings and two seesaws: LKR 173,000.
- September 2009: equipment has been placed.
December 2009: 2009-03 - Karapitiya Teaching Hospital: construction of a cooling-room for the storage of medicines
Estimate: LKR 1,000,000 = € 7.042 (March 2009)
17  to 20 separate refrigirators were placed in one rather small room (lot of warmth, energy loss).
It seemed to the SOSV-board a useful investment, on the condition that the hospital also contributes in this project.
December 2009: on 20th the cooling room was handed over.

January 2010: 2008-03 - Game of chess between the inhabitants of Velsen en Galle via e-mail
In 2008 and 2009, it was tried, with the aid of an IT teacher, to realize a chess game between inhabitants of Galle and Velsen. However, the contacts with the IT teacher have been lost.
January 2010: the board decides to delete this projects. Maybe later this project can picked up again.
• May 2010: 2010-04 - Home for 10 blind persons in Ahangama - request for support
May 2010: 10 blind persons had to remove suddenly. Support, in what ever way, is requested.
SOS Velsen had purchased 10 beds, cupboards and matrasses for the Bona Vista Home for Elders (BVHE) in Unawatuna, which were delivered on April 7th. However, a local donor already had gifted the beds, etc.
May 2010: The director of BVHE, involved in the home for the blinds as well, decided to deliver the SOSV-goods to the home of the blinds, without communicating with SOSV. Afterall the request of the home was fulfilled very quickly....
• June 2010:
2009-05 - Bona Vista Home for Elders (BVHE): 1. Completion of a building on their premises and
                                                              2. furnishing with 10 beds and matrasses
Estimates: 1. LKR 375,000 = € 2.640; 2. LKR 90,000 = € 633 - total € 3.273 (March 2009).
During a working-visit of a Velsen delegation in February 2009 it was noticed that a big group of (Buddhist) statues was placed on the premises.
Why not better spent on the completion of the building and the purchase of beds and matrasses? It was decided when the building was completed by an other party to donate the furnishing.
February 2010: it was decided also to donate 10 cupboards. New estimates: 10 beds LKR 70,000, 10 cupboards LKR 100,000, 10 matrasses LKR 30,000 (€ 1604,-).
March 2010: Opening building planned on March 20th. April 2010: the goods delivered on April 7th.
June 2010: the director of the BVHE informed that he already has received the furnishing from a local donor and has let delivered the goods to a house with blinds persons in Ahangama (in which he is involved as well).
As he has not communicated about it with the board of SOS Velsen, SOSV is not happy with this procedure.
The house with the blind persons also had requested (via an other route) for a contribution (see hereunder project 2010-04). It must be said that this request has been fulfilled very quickly....

• July 2010: 2007-09 - E-mailcontacts between schools in Galle and the Ichthus College in Driehuis (Municipality of Velsen)
The Sanghamitta Balika Vidyalaya and the Richmond College are interested in e-mailcontact with the Ichthus College in Velsen.
However the contacts between Galle and Driehuis are not running well in 2008 and 2009.
July 2010: no other teacher at the Ichthus College has been found to guide the project. SOS Velsen board decides to stop the project. No donation has been done yet.

October 2010: 2010-03 - Playing tools for the Velsen Day Care Centre and 22 other pre-schools
Donation of the 'World Shop' in Velserbroek (Mun. Velsen) and a primary school in IJmuiden (Mun. Velsen) for playing and educational tools for children of totally 1.700 euros 
From the playing equipment project in the new housing scheme of Aththiligoda € 465,- has left. It was decided to use this for the Velsen Day Care Centre, but the Mayor of Galle observed that 22 other pre-schools also are in need of playing tools.
The board of SOS Velsen decided to donate an extra amount of € 2.000,-, so a total amount of € 2.465,- was available.
09-10-2010: 22 packets with educational and playing tools were handed over by the NAAL. Some balance of LKR 2,500 (= 15,82 euros) per school, which can be used to buy other necessary things.
• December 2010: 2009-01 - Aththiligoda: construction of a community centre
Estimate March 2009: + LKR 4,000,000 = € 28.200. At first, within the board of SOS Velsen no unanimous opinion whether this project is necessary. Later the SOSV-board decides to realize this project.
July 2010: new estimate: LKR 4,448,157 = about € 31.772,-, plus 15% VAT. But, because it's still a tsunami related project, the VAT has not to be paid. The amount is still available at the 'Velsen helps Galle'
account. Agreement: SOSV pays the building, the residents of the ward pay the furniture, etc.
Too, a mural decoration will be placed inside the building, symbolizing the twinning Velsen-Galle. It represents a fisherman with a hurricane lamp, looking to the sea thinking of the fishermen who died at sea.
Same statue at the harbour of IJmuiden (Municipality of Velsen).
27-12-2010, delegation from Velsen: Unveiling two street signs: Velsen Street and Santpoort Street. Velserbroek Street was too long. Handing over the community centre en unveiling four bronze plaquettes with text regarding
the mural. The building contains one room below, above two rooms for community officers. They also will look after the good maintenance of the building.
The Mayor of Galle promised to realize street lighting within a few days.
Remark: the ward is looking well. A minister mentioned the ward as an exemple for eventual next housing schemes.
• December 2010: 2009-08 - Matara - request for 1.000 concrete compost bins
Estimate March 2009: 1000 x LKR 2,500/each = LKR 2,500,000 (+ 15.923 euros).
May 2009: this projects fits in the finishing of the Solid Waste Management Project (SWMP), which, unfortunately, stopped end 2008. SOSV realizes that we have a twinning with Galle, but Matara was a very good participator in SWMP.

September 2009: because of a change in rate 11.933,- euros are remitted to the NAAL.
November 2009: Municipality Matara wants to construct a production hall, but later it appeared that this wasn't possible.
May 2010: because of changed cost price 700 in stead of 1.000 compost bins can be ordered. The project has been idle for some time, because Matara Mayor was sometime of his post, but in July he was functioning again.
The aim is to enroll the bins in one board, in order to monitor the project well.
10-10-2010: handing over first 150 compost bins by the NAAL.
29-12-2010, delegation from Velsen: symbolically handing over of the balance of the bins.
• February 2011: 2009-02 - Karapitiya Teaching Hospital: 
             A. Construction of a pipe-line for oxygen between an existing tank with liquid oxygen and the cardio-thoracic ward
             B. Manifolds in the cardio-thoracic ward
Situation: oxygen is (was) transported in (iron) bottle from Colombo to Galle (distance about 110 Km).
Estimates: A. LKR 1,283,835 = € 9.041 (March 2009); B. LKR 1,145,400 = € 8.066 (March 2009) - total € 17.107.
January 2010: SOSV-board agrees under the following conditions: SOSV pays 75%, the hospital 25% and when the costs exceed the estimates, then the extra costs are for the hospital.
June 2010, hospital: the central government does not agree with 25% contribution, but does approve the 15% VAT. The board of SOS Velsen agrees.
December 2010: the project is not yet finished. A special service panel, constructed in the United Kingdom, could not be transported because of heavy snowfall in England end December.
February 2011: project completed.
Final costs: LKR 1,356,819.97 (= about 9357 euro, March 2011) instead of LKR 2,157,177.75. Other parties have executed and payed some things. Balance LKR 800,357.78 (about 5519 euro, March 2011). It is requested to use this amount
for a oxygen pipeline from the tank with liquid oxygen to the ETU (Emergency Trauma Unit). See running projects 2011-02, Karapitiya Hospital, oxygen pipeline between tank with liquid oxygen to the ETU.
July 2011: 2010-02 - Emergency help to the Christ the King Girls Home in Murunkan (near Mannar):
After ending of the war in the north and east of Sri Lanka in May 2009, people are leaving the fugitive camps. A certain number of Girls turned up in the Christ the King Girls Home in Murunkan, because they could not go to their
villages directly. Normally about 65 girls are residing in the Girls Home, midst 2010: 135,
January 2010: 10 extra outside toilets are requested and also extra money for food is needed. SOS Velsen decides to place at disposal 5.000,- euros.
May 2010: a visit by NAAL-members proves that four extra toilets are sufficient. Too, a watertank of 1.000 litres is requested to flush the toilets. Estimates LKR 250,000 (+ 1750,- euros). Rest of the amount can be spend for food.
July 2010: the progress is unclear . Communication with the Girls Home is very poor.
December 2010: a boardmember of SOS Velsen visits the girls home. 85 girls are residing in the home at that moment.
It appeared that four internal toilets (for the night) have been donated by an other Dutch Foundation (going outside in the night to visit a toilet can be dangerous for the girls).
In consultation with the NAAL it was decided to construct a 10 metres high watertower, with two watertanks on top of respectively 1.000 and 2.000 litres, in order to flush the toilets in the three storeyed building and the outside toilets.
The Sr. Superior has a request for beds and matrasses for the girls. Now they are sleeping on the concrete floor on thin matrasses. There is still a balance which can be used for the purchase of beds.
July 23rd 2011: 20 steel double bunk beds and 40 matrasses have been delivered.
• September 2011: 2010-05 - Magalle, re-furnishing sewing-school
In preparation.
On December 26th 2004 the sewing-school was totally devastated by the tsunami.
The Municipality of Galle has decided to build on the 'old' place of the sewing-school a new building with 3 stories: on ground level a space which can be hired by a business enterprise, first floor the sewing-school, destination of the second floor not yet known.
However, the Municipality has not yet found financial donors for a building. SOS Velsen shall donate the furnishing of the sewing-school.
September 2011: It is decided to delete this project from the list and to put it under "Attention" and to come back later on this subject.
• March 2012: 2004-04 - Swimming-pool Galle
September 9th 2011: a 'Trust document' has been undersigned by the three participants: AdoptSrilanka, Jetwings and SOS Velsen. In the Trust document the responsibilities are mentioned. A NAAL-boardmember is representing SOSV Velsen.
The costs for the lawyer have been paid by the three parties.
4-9-2011: The swimming-pool has purchased  a laserprinter. The costs are paid by SOS Velsen and remitted via SwimLanka (82 Euros).
March 2012: a bankaccount for the swimming-pool has been opened. Transactions have to be undersigned by two persons of the trust. NAAL has a balance of LKR 675,000 (= about 4200 euros) to fill up the salaries of the swimming-instructors; it will be remitted to the bankaccount of the swimming-pool.
The project is running well and can be striked off the projectlist.
• May 2012:
2009-06 - Rainforest Rescue International (RRI) - Aim: amongst others bringing back endemic plants and trees and more in Galle (with involvement of schoolchildren) 
Goal: Many endemic plants and trees have disappeared in Galle; RRI wants to bring them back with the involvement of schoolchildren.
Other project proposals of RRI: A. Building an educational centre in a nature park; B. Restoration of the Dutch Canal (causes frequently floods in rainy periods);
C. Renovation cemetery in Dadalle; D. Children's park + social housing village re-greening Gingota.

February 2010: Proposals A, B and C are too big for SOS Velsen. SOSV decides to choose for proposal D.
December 2011: A delegation from Velsen visits Gingota. In a meeting thereafter with RRI it is indicated that the (new) housing scheme in
Aththiligoda also can use re-greening (this housing scheme of 38 houses was handed over by the foundation 'Velsen helps Galle' in February 2009
to families hit by the tsunami in December 2004). 
Because of misunderstandings no new project proposal was sent to SOS Velsen by RRI.
March 2012: A delegation from Velsen visits Aththiligoda. Most gardens are flourishing well. It is decided that re-greening is not necessary.
May 2012: The board of SOS Velsen decides to delete project 2009-06 from the list. RRI will come with an other proposal, but it has to be investigated whether this proposal is feasible.
• May 2012: 2010-01 - Exchange projects in the field of culture, sports, education or ecology (in co-operation with RRI)
January 2010: Some ideas are exchanged with Rainforest Rescue International (RRI - see project 2009-06) .
December 2011: Not yet any concrete proposals from both sides.
May 2012: The board decides to delete this projectnumber of the list. Later come back on this item.
• July 2012: 2011-02 - Karapitiya Hospital, construction of a pipeline between the tank with liquid oxygen and the ETU (Emergency Trauma Unit)
Estimates: LKR 997, 277.99 (without VAT and NBT).
Oxygen for the ETU is transported from Colombo to Galle by lorries.
From project 2009-02 (finished project in 2011) a balance of LKR 800,357.78 (= about 5.519 euros - March 2011), so a shortage of LKR 997,277.99
minus LKR 800,357.78 = LKR 196,920.21.
March 2011: SOS Velsen agrees; the hospital pays the shortage.
November 2011: A concrete trench  with covering tiles is constructed for the pipeline. However, because of heavy rainfall the trench went under water. It is decided to install the pipeline about 4,5 metres overhead.
July 2012: "The job is done."
• September 2012: 2010-06 - Exchange of swimming-instructors of the swimming-pool in Dadalla and Velsen
March 2011: Four swimming-instructors from Velsen visited (during a private trip in Sri Lanka) the swimming-pool, in order to investigate whether one would be interested in an exchange of swimming-instructors.
(The swimming-pool has come about by courtesy of SOS Velsen).
As from September 9th until with 24th a swimming-instructor of the Dadalla swimming-pool (Lighthouse Public Swimming-pool) has had a training period in Velsen. He has stayed in the house of one of the swimming-instructors at Velsen.
Next to the training in the swimming-pool in Velsen, he also looked at the beach lifeguards, a very fast life-boat and a big swimming-pool in Amsterdam. Next to this all he was abled to see some touristique places in Holland.
 • September 2012: 2012-02 - Tractor TAFE 45 DI
For the transportation of the trailers (see project 2010-07) an extra tractor is needed. Galle Municipal Council requests for one tractor.
May 2012: SOS Velsen agrees. Estimates: LKR 1,379,000 = 8620 euros, plus LKR 9,000 = 60 euro for transportation costs.
July 2012: On July 23rd the tractor has been handed over officially by the NAAL.

• January 2013: 2010-07 - Purchase of a trailer for separate collection of waste
The Municipality of Galle wants to purchase a number of trailers for separate collection of waste (paper, glass, rest waste). (Plastic is already collected separately).
Estimate September 2011 for one trailer: LKR 297,500.00 = € 2010,14.
March 2012: a SOSV-delegation handed over a (self fabricated) trailer. Galle can use more trailers. It is decided to have working-experience for a couple of months first .
May 2012: The rears have to be adjusted. SOS Velsen decided to agree with the purchase of a second trailer. Estimate 2000,- euros.
(Too agreement for the purchase of a tractor to pull the trailers - see projectnumber 2012-02).
Beginning January 2013: second trailer in use.
• March 2013: 2012-03 - 35 mm filmprojectors for Sri Lanka
March 2012: During the working-visit in Colombo spoken with the National Film Corporation Sri Lanka about the possibility of arranging a Dutch film festival in Galle and a Srilankan film festival in Velsen.
(Possible) problem: in 2012 in Holland all cinemas are digitalized, no more 35 mm filmprojectors in use. Request by the film corporation: is it possible to ship the superfluous projectors to Sri Lanka? Because of the war a 
lot of cinemas and apparatus have been destroyed.
August-October 2012: a number of 35 mm projectors have been collected by Amstel Film Amsterdam, free of charge. Transport Rotterdam-Colombo: costs for SOS Velsen.
December 2012: 12 nos. of projectors with belongings have been sorted out.
January 2013: Transport projectors from the depot to Vlaardingen to be packed and loaded in a sea-container.
March 2013: total costs, transport from store to Vlaardingen, packing-costs, sea-transport costs, 6.697,96 eurosl
                     March 2nd departure with m/v Pucon with the projectors on board, arrival March 31st in Colombo.
• March 2013: 2012-05 - Project Interactive Learning (PIL)
In Unawatuna the possibility has arisen to offer English classes - by means of computer classes - to little groupes of young children. So, double purpose: learning English and learning the use of a computer.
The pupils have to pay a small contribution in order to pay the (young) teachers a small compensation, for electricity use, maintaince of the building and apparatus, etc.
SOS Velsen has made possible the start, afterwards the project must be self-maintaining. Estimates for the first year around 400 euros.
Juli 20133: A house is in Unawatuna has been adjusted: breaking out a wall so that two rooms are functioning now a classroom and construction of a waiting-room for parents who are collecting their children.
Tables and chairs 8 computers with things to match have been installed. Every place own electricity connection.
8-8-2013: Official opening. A lot of interest of children.
• November 2013: 2011-01 - HELP-O (Human and Environment Links Progressive Organization): construction of biogas installations
HELP-O promotes amongst others the installation of biogas units. SOS Velsen want to co-operate (HELP-O:
Estimates October 2011: Unit of 8 m3 LKR 15,000.00 = about 101,33 euros; unit of 22 m3 LKR 479,922.85 =  3.242.06 euros; 35 m3 unit: LKR 749,313.35 = 4.586,32 euros.
December 2011: Ex. Co. NAAL visits a unit in Galle and is positive.
March 2012: The Municipality of Galle has a place available for a 35 m3 biogas installation on Municipal premises. The collection of organic waste of about 120 persons in the neighbourhood can be used. 7 families can make use of the gas from the biogas installation; they have to pay some amount for the gas.
July 2012: It was said that the intended space seems to be not the right one: possible annoyance of smell. (Remark: boardmembers of SOS Velsen have visited several biogas units: no smell).
October 2012: Possible new place the municipal dumpsite at Wekunagoda?
July 3rd 2013: Proposal for a second installation at the Karapitiya Hospital premises. However, the hospital director indicated no sufficient labourers available to maintain a new installation (even not for the existing installation) and to separate the kitchen waste from other waste.
October 2013, working-vist SOS Velsen: Karapitiya handed over a projectproposal for solar panels for the bloodbank.
November 2013: it was decided by SOSV to strike off the biogasproject from the list.

2013-02 - Karapitiya Teaching Hospital - Solar panels on the building of the bloodbank
October 2013 - Estimates: LKR 3,272,000. After negotiations by NAAL: LKR 3,000,000 = about 16.675,- Euros.
Contribution Karapitiya Hospital: 2000,- Euros. Subsidy from Mun. of Velsen: 3.000,- Euros.
January 2014: By SOS Velsen a higher subsidy has been requested from the Municipality of Velsen. August 2014: a higher subsidy rejected.
August 2014: The solar panels project was officially declared in use by the Sri Lankan Minister of Health, H.E. Maithripala Sirisena.
November 2014: 2011-04 - Contacts between scouts in Velsen - Galle
(In fact the resumption of the old project 2007-05)
December 2010: delegation from SOS Velsen renewed the contacts with scouting leaders of Galle area.
October 2011: Structure of the scouting in The Netherlands sent to Galle.
March 2012: A delegation from Velsen has a discussion with the District Commissioner Scouts about the possibilities of exchanges. The intention is that first a (little) group of scouts from Velsen will go to Galle. Behind the headquarter building is a big space for tents.
A proper time to visit Sri Lanka has to be decided.
July 2012: Question sent to Galle: when in Galle a scouts camp? December 2012: no answer yet.
January 2013: contact between NAAL and a scout official with the request to contact SOS Velsen.
June 2013: Several attemptions made by SOS Velsen to get answers from the scouts in Galle. However no reaction...
October 2013, working-visit SOS Velsen: contact with leaders of scoutinggroup Mahinda College. Mahinda College will exist 100 years in August/September 2014.
Scouting Mahinda College will organize a jamboree in 2014 and more than 3.000 persons will be invited. A good change for scouting Velsen to visit this jamboree.
May 2014: Via NAAL the question to Scouts Mahinda: when will this jamboree being held? It's necessary to know this as soon as possible regarding to reserve air-tickets, etc.
Reply: The jamboree will be held in August or September. A discussion will be organized between NAAL, Principle Mahinda College, Scout Master and the Old Boys Association of the Mahinda.
November 2014: Scouting Mahinda never replied again, so it was not possible to arrange flying tickets, etc.
SOS Velsen has informed the contactperson of the Mahinda College that further concact is given up. Everybody in Velsen very disappointed.

   May 2015: 2012-06
- E-mail contact between the Ashoka Maha Vidyalaya at Colombo and school/schools in Velsen and Haarlem (next to Velsen)
Project 2012-02 is not running yet and the Ashoka Maha Vidyalaya has indicated eagerly willing to do the same, SOS Velsen will starts with Colombo as a pilotproject.

November 2012: first contacts how to handle this project between Ashoka Maha Vidyalaya and grammer-school Felisenum at Velsen-South.
December 2012: Two boardmembers of SOS Velsen have explained to two classes of Felisenum what can be expected. The pupils are around 15 years old. Around 40 students of two classes are participating.
Mid January: E-mail exchanges has started.
October 2013, working-visit by SOS Velsen: visit to the school and the e-mail students. DVD Powerpoint presentations about the school and gifts for the students of Felisenum were handed over
in November by the Chairman of SOS Velsen.
May 2015: Grammar school Felisenum indicates that the communication is very bad. No more co-operation by the school in Colombo. It is decided to stop this project.
  May 2015: 2012-02 - E-mailcontact between the Mahinda College, Galle, and (a) college/colleges in Velsen
March 2012: Working-visit SOS Velsen: contact with the principle, dep. Principle and Co-ordinator of the Mahinda College. They were interested in e-mail exchange between their College and
a college or colleges in Velsen.
However, because of a change of Principle in June 2012 a delay in the progress. (Therefor it was decided to start first with a Vidyalaya in Colombo as a pilot-project - see project 2012-06).
January 2013: Still no contact with Mahinda College.
October 2013, working-visit by SOS Velsen: a visit to Mahinda College. Two IT-teachers are interested and showed the delegation the computer labs with equipment once donated by Velsen.
Beginning December 2013 first contacts between a coφrdinator of SOSV and the IT-teachers of Mahinda College. The intention is that a grammar-school Felisenum in Velsen will get in touch
with Mahinda College.
May 2014: The IT-teachers want first implement a programme in order to monitor the e-mail correspondence of the students in order to prevent misuse of the internet and face-book.
Several school children in Sri Lanka would have committed suicide by internet and face-book.
First half of 2014: Grammar School Felisenum organizes a swimming relay race, in order to raise money for two projects. One of these projects is Mahinda College for new computer equiment:
800 euros are available.
November 2014: Still no reactions from Mahinda. Investigation whether to continue or stop this project.
March 2015: Still no reaction from Galle.
March and April 2015: Request to NAAL whether they can find out if Mahinda still wants to continue. Are they interested?
May 2015: no reactions from Mahinda College. Decided to stop this project.
  June 2015: 2015-01 - Water Purifcation Plant
Estimates: LKR 2,454,955 = about 16.393,- euros.
In rural areas frequently chronic kidney deseases occurms because of the use of agricultural chemicals and remedies, which pour into the groundwater.
An installation has been installed which can purify 10.000 liters per day. School children get purified water free of charge. Families have to pay 1 rupee for a liter purified water.
March 2015: The installation has been in ordered and shipped in the USA, Thereafter a training for people who will serve this installation.
A 200 meter long pipeline has been laid between the installation to a storage container of 500 liters of a school
29-6-2015 the installation has been handed over to the authorities by NAAL, on behalf of SOS Velsen.
  June 2015: 2011-03 - Stamps project between Velsen and Galle
Aim: Exchanging stamps and promoting knowledge about stamps themes by/to schools or other groups in Velsen and Galle, etc. Exchange via e-mail and/or post.
Januari 2012: 12 maps with postal stamps themes sent by Stamps Club IJmuiden (Mun. of Velsen) to Galle.
July 2012: A number of students who have a stamp society in their schools, have been selected. On the Christchurch Girls school a special stamp exhibition programme has been conducted,
with amongst others the stamps from Velsen.
December 2012: from Galle, nine themes of stamps received by e-mail.
March 2013: Stamps Club IJmuiden has discussed the contributions from Galle supplying constructive criticism. Too, a new example with stamps from Sri Lanka has been made, according to the rules.
The project will be resumed after the (Dutch) summer holidays (stamps collecting is, in fact, a winter occupation in The Netherlands...).
October 2013: Stamps Club IJmuiden: examples of international philatelic rules and possibilities sent to Galle.
December 2013: 100 euros sent to Stamps Club IJmuiden for expenses and for still to make expenses.
2014: Around by the end of June an evaluation will be held. This didn't happen.
January 2015: The Board of Stamps Club IJmuiden indicates that the contacts are not running well, even non-running, and are thinking to stop with this project.
January and March 2015: SOSV requested an intermediate to find out whether there is still interest in Galle for this project.
April 2015: No reaction yet.
In June 2015 it is decided to stop this project.
     2010-08 -
Donation for organizing workshops for a Public Private Partnership Programme (PPPP)
Estimates January 2012: LKR 180,000 = about 1125 euros.
Objective: The City of Galle wants to develop a working group, in which private enterpreneurs can discuss with the Municipality economic improvement of Galle, by making the town
more actractive for tourist, for enterpreneurs, etc.
September 9th 2012 a seminar organized by the NAAL. Number of participants 42: private enterpreneurs, people from banks, Municipality of Galle, the Province, Ministery of Agriculture, etc.
Subjects risen out of the seminar: Solid waste disposal, central car park, something as a night bazaar in the Fort. It was decided to organize two more seminars in order to work out one of the subjects.
SOS Velsen has place at disposal 2.500,- euros for two more seminars.
September 7th 2013: Second seminar. Risen out of this seminar a total other project proposal: realization of a conference hall, music-/theatre hall, markets and a cable car (starting close to the Town Hall and ending on the rock at the other side of the bay at Rumassala).
October 2013, working-visit SOS Velsen: Meeting with the Chamber of Commerce Galle District. SOS Velsen was requested to contact the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
(= for SOSV: Amsterdam) to see if Dutch entrepreneurs are interested to invest in this project.
SOSV is awaiting estimates.
Because of elections there is a delay and by the end of June 2014 it's the intention to take up the threat of is project.
November 2014: NAAL indicates that they like -if possible- to organize two more sessions, in order to achieve the goal. The re-installed Mayor Mr. Methsiri de Silva has placed at disposal land
for a mix development project. The Public and Private parties are on track. For SOS Velsen no more investments needed.
Still LKR 235,984 (= about 1465 euros available- Nov. 2014). NAAL still hoping for a good result, otherwise this project will be closed.
September 2015: NAAL decided to stop with this project and advises to use the balance for the rebuilding of the by the tsunami destroyed sewing school at Magalle.
    2014-01 - Photo exhibitions in Velsen and Galle
Available subsidy: 1.000,- euros.
Objective: A photo exhibition in Galle about Velsen, made and seen through the eye of  Velsen photographer. Same in Velsen, pictures about Galle made by a photographer from Galle.
Didn't succeed in 2014, so it will be in the second half of 2015.
Because of some problems also second half of 2015 didn't succeed.
January 2016: decision to cancel this project.
    2014-02 - Exchange artist (painters, sculptors, what ever) Velsen <--> Galle
Available subsidy: 3.000,- euros.
Aim: Sending out an artist of the 'Art Centre' in Velsen to see what she/he can do and in Galle to investigate who can come to Velsen.
Work with the materials they find 'overthere'.
Didn't succeed in 2014, it will be the second half of 2015.
Because of some problems also second half of 2015 didn't succeed.
January 2016: decision to cancel this project.
   2012-04 - Renovation of a dilapidated house within the Galle Fort (under the supervision of Galle Heritage Foundation (GHF). Galle)
A lot of houses in the Fort of Galle, dating from the Dutch Period (VOC-time), are in bad shape. Renovation of the houses (articularly the front) will improve the look of the fort (tourisme).
With support of the Royal Dutch Embassy in Colombo, 55 houses have been renovated. But, an other 55 houses have to be renovated as well, however, the pocket of the Embassy is empty now.
October 2012: SOS Velsen decided to adopt a house for renovation: Pedlar Street 40. Estimates around 10.000 to 11.000 euros; the owner has to contribute 20% of the total costs.
January 2013: the necessary paperwork is in progress (permissions, etc.).
October 2013, working-visit by SOS Velsen: the work is in progress and will be ready in November 2013. Two families can live in the renovated house then.
May 2014: Information that only still some color-wash (painting) has to be done. Reason of delay:  delay by the contribution of the owner of the house.
January 2015: The renovation is ready is said.
November 2015, working-visit of a SOS Velsen delegation: Front not yet ready. The owner not has settled his part of the costs.
July 2016: Galle Heritage Foundation (GHF) will stimulate the Archeology Department to co-operate with the owner in order to finish the work.
8-2-2017, info from GHF (via the NAAL): Already we have finished putting our contribution to above house.Now the house owners have to do the rest.
Now the time to close the file and end the project.
February 2017: the project removed from the list.